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Q. How and when will I get paid this year?


A. Payroll is by direct deposit - that is, your pay will be directly transferred to your specified bank account.  Most of you have already completed your direct deposit paperwork.  For those of you who haven't, please understand that delays in returning completed paperwork will result in delays in your payroll.  If you are having problems or you have questions, please call us at 410-313-9181.


The pay schedule is as follows: your pay will be deposited into your account approximately 2 weeks after the receipt of your signed timesheet.  Here are some examples, dates NOT exact:

1st week (week ending Aug..31) on Sept. 14

2nd week (week ending Sept. 7) on Sept. 21

3rd week (week ending Sept. 14) on Sept. 28

4th week (week ending Sept. 21) on Oct. 5


This pay pattern continues throughout the school year as long as we receive your signed timesheet by the end of each work week. 


Q. Why do I have to get my timesheet in by Friday?  What if I can't get my timesheet in on time?


A. Timesheets are processed immediately at week's end, and submitted to the Board of Education promptly. If your timesheet is missing from this weekly submission, even if you send it Monday morning, your pay for that week will be submitted with the following week's timesheets.  For example, if you turn in your 1st week's timesheet on 9/6 instead of 9/2 when it is due, you will be paid for that week on 9/23 instead of 9/16 because you missed that pay cycle.


We understand that situations may arise that make it difficult to get your timesheet in on Friday.  These include:


Being out sick on Friday - you could call the school and ask if they could sign and fax us your timesheet.  Of course, this is only possible if you have left your filled out timesheet at the school.


The teacher is unavailable to sign your timesheet - you may ask another school administrator or employee who can verify your hours to sign.


Please remember that your timesheet must be signed by the school for it to be valid.


Q. My school wants me to attend a Board of Education sponsored class.  Can I go and will I be paid for my time?


A. Social Service Consultants employees are allowed to be paid for 6 hours of training time per school year.  If you attend approved training sessions, please put the time on your regular weekly timesheet and note that it is training time.


Q. What about late openings or early dismissals due to inclement weather?


A. On snow/ice days when school opens late, you cannot be paid for arriving early before school starts.  For instance, late openings are generally 2 hours late and if your school usually starts at 9am, your workday will then start at 11am.  Likewise, if school closes 3 hours early, then your workday will be shortened by 3 hours.  If, in this case, you do not take lunch, your total for the day would be 3.5 hours.


Q. What should I do if the school asks me to arrive 15 minutes early (or stay 15 minutes late) to help my student with the bus?


A. You are not required to provide bus duty, but if you want to help out in this way the school must allow for adjustments in your day by either allowing you to leave early or give you compensatory time off during the day.  If you are a full time employee, you may not work more than 6 hours a day.  If you have problems with this issue, please call us or have the teacher give us a call for clarification.


Q. My school has asked me to accompany students on a fieldtrip that will extend beyond my normal working hours.  Can I work more time in this case?


A. If a fieldtrip will last longer than the regular school day, prior permission from the Dept. of Special Education must be obtained by the teacher.  If you get permission for this, please note "fieldtrip" next to the extra time on your timesheet.


Q. What is the fax number I should use to send my completed timesheet?


A. 1-410-777-8657


Q. How do I get my paystub?


A. Go on the following website: and follow instructions to open your account or sign in if you have already opened one.   All Paystubs will be on this website.  It is operated by Intuit/Quicken and is secure.



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